Q. How much do deliveries cost? 

Inside Dhaka, our delivery fee is only 40 TK.


Q. How can I contact you? 

A. You can always call +8809642-778778
or mail us at support@tajabajar.com.

Q. What are your delivery hours?

We deliver from 10 am to 9 pm every day. If you order after 6 pm, we will deliver the next day.

Q. How do I know when my order is here?

A Taja Bajar representative will call you as soon as they arrive at your house.

Q. How do I pay? 

We accept cash on delivery. Don’t worry, our Taja Bajar representatives should always carry enough change.

Q. Do you serve my area?

A. We are currently serving around Dhaka city.

Q. I can’t find the product I am looking for. What do I do?

We are constantly open to fresh ideas and will add something to our inventory specifically for you. You can utilize the "Product Request" function to let us know about your needs. To add an item to our inventory, please call +8809642-778778 or email support@tajabajar.com.  

Q. My order is wrong. What do I do?

Please immediately call +8809642-778778 and let us know the problem. 


Q. How does the site work? 

A. To discover the products you want, you can either browse the site or utilize our search engine. After that, you can place an order by adding them to your Cart. You provide us with your address, choose a delivery time, and that's it. Your order will then be delivered to your house or business by a Taja Bajar representative. 

Q. What if the item is out of stock? 

However, we will make every effort to locate what you require. If we can't find it, we'll send you an SMS or call to let you know what alternatives are available. 

Q. What happens during a hartal?

A. During hartals, we work. We are available on Hartal.

Q. Why should we buy from you when I have a store nearby?

A. Our prices are frequently cheaper than those of the city's main superstores. We also have a greater variety than your typical corner store. So, there's no reason not to purchase from us.

Q. What about the prices? 

A. We set our own prices, but we strive to keep them at or below market rates for you. Our prices are competitive with those in the area, and we're working hard to lower them even further! If you suspect a product is being priced incorrectly, please let us know.

Q. How do you deliver?

A. We deliver using our own fleet. Our goal is to get the products delivered on time to your location.

Q. What is your policy on refunds?

TAJA BAJAR makes every effort to assist the user. But if under any circumstances, TAJA BAJAR fails to fulfill its commitment or to provide the service, it will notify you within 24 hours via phone, text, or email. If the service that TAJA BAJAR fails to complete requires any refund, it will be done within 7 days of our acknowledgment. We will not accept any diaper items as returns if more than 20% of the pack has been used. We reserve the right to refuse a refund. Please contact us at +8809642-778778 if you want to return an item. 


Q. Can I get a refund via cash? 

A. No, for any sort of issue, we will update the credit to your Taja Bajar account. 

Q.  Can I order over the phone?

A. Absolutely. Our hotline is +8809642-778778

Q. What about quality? 

We make every effort to obtain the highest quality things for you, but you may always return them to the delivery person if you are dissatisfied.

Q. How are you sourcing your products?

A. We've worked with distributors, manufacturers, and importers. We only sell genuine products.

Q. Should I tip the delivery representative?

No need to tip them. But our delivery team members appreciate recognition for their hard work. The tip is kept in full by the delivery representatives.

Taja Bajar